“In a culturally inclusive environment, teachers treat all students equitably, their languages and cultures are incorporated into the curriculum, and they are supported in becoming active seekers and producers of knowledge.”

– Laurie Olsen “Ensuring Academic Success for English Learners

Laurie is the Director of the Sobrato Early Academic Language (SEAL) model at the Sobrato Family Foundation. SEAL is a PreK-3 model designed to powerfully develop the language and literacy skills of young English Learner children through a joyful, rigorous, standards-based thematic-curriculum designed collaboratively by teachers and delivered through research-based strategies. Now being replicated throughout California, the model seeks to present a vision of what education can and should be for this diverse, 21st century world. To learn more about the SEAL Model and Sobrato Family Foundation: click here.

Photo from SEAL classroom.
Photo from SEAL classroom.
The California Campaign for Biliteracy

To learn more about Californians Together and the Campaign for Biliteracy: click here.

New Video!
Laurie Olsen presents “The World in the Classroom”
an interactive and visual presentation on inviting and incorporating children’s lives and experiences into the classroom.   Check it on the “Videos” page!